Electro-acoustic recorders in sound pictures

Go on a trip to your inner self

Silent Flute –gennem rum

New cd by sound painter Henrik Jespersen


Take one regular acoustic recorder and hold it on a slant to retain the sound of dry air.

Connect electronic pedals such as echo and harmonizer, but only a bit, as this is classic music.

Combine with sounds from nature. Record the sound of an enormous waterfall in Mexico and of the large black birds of San
Felipe, which only sing in the mornings between 4 and 5 am.

Use changing rhythms like the ones you know from your concerts all over the world.

And while you play, search inwards while feeling your way.

The space, the people, the smells, the lights and the sounds inspire you and the recorder.

Because of this, no song will ever sound the same twice.

“Silent Flute – gennem rum” hits the streets on Saturday the 25th of May, when Henrik Jespersen will give samples at 1 pm in Ridehuset, Aarhus.

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